I have worked for a large financial corporation for the last twenty years as a Learning and Development Consultant. The main areas I specialise in are Leadership Development, Talent Development and Personal Development through 1:1 coaching or through delivering workshops and programmes. Six years ago I qualified as a professional Performance Management Coach and this is the area of my job that has energised me the most over the years. My coaching has involved helping people to find direction in their lives and careers through working out what it is that's blocking their pathway to success, discovering how they can move on and out through comfort zones and limiting beliefs to motivation and success. I love helping people to achieve their goals. So why Hypnotherapy? I suffered with anxiety for many years and had tried just about everything with varying success, I decided to try Hypnotherapy as a last resort really. Through Hypnotherapy I saw instant results and also learnt some tools and techniques which have really helped me. My anxiety will never completely go away but I am no longer scared of it - I control my anxiety - it doesn't control me! I decided to specialise in anxiety related problems as I can completely understand what people are going through. Through Hypnotherapy I work with people in a range of different areas, as well as anxiety, including stress, insomnia, stopping smoking and most recently I have started to volunteer out of the MacMillan Horizon Centre in Brighton with people who have had their lives affected by cancer. My aim through setting up Serenity Hove is to help people to find happiness in their lives by working on areas that are holding them back.